Future plans

  • Globalization

    In each new release we plan to add more and more translations of user interface, to make eXtra Buttons more adoptable to user's enviromnment

  • New eXtra Buttons

    We already have the set of new buttons to be included in next releases:

    • Bookmark — allows to add current application or current explorer path to the adjustable bookmarks list, so frequently used operations will be just one click away. Released!
    • Full screen — allows to maximize any window so it will effectively occupy whole screen area. Released!
    • Virtual desktops — allows to split your workspace into separated virtual desktops, easily move any window to a separate desktop and also swtich between desktops. Released!
    • Cut/Copy/Paste from clipboard — allows to manage frequent clipboard operations just with one click.
  • Better integration

    Some applications implement their own themes, tha are not based on MS Windows look, therefore these applications require speciall "massaging".
    We will make eXtra Buttons play better with such applications:

    • Chrome Released!
    • Firefox Released!
    • Skype Released!
    • Visual Studio Released!
    • Adope Creative Suite
    • ICQ
    • KM Player
  • And of course, we're open to communication. Please fill free to suggest features or report issues.