How to...

  • How to organize my desktop better

    There are many solutions, practices and tactics. Being self-organized is very important for your productivity when you work and have a cozy place when entertain.

    So the basic steps are:

    1. Getting order with shortcuts in Start menu and the desktop. In most cases it ends up with removing obsolete applications and documents.
    2. Providing instant access to the frequently used applications. Extending Start menu, pinning shortcuts to the task bar and tuning eXtra Buttons bookmarks will do the job.
    3. Optimize task bar space, so it includes only applications you’re currently working in. Background applications like messengers, other tools, which require your attention from time to time should be minimized to box, tray or even tray menu.
    4. Get order in running windows. Sometimes it's preferred to have some applications pinned over other windows. For example, you may verify some profit calculations having Calculator app always on top.