Adds the application to the adjustable Bookmarks list and provides quick access to the most frequently used applications.

This button is convenient for use to remember:
  • running application
  • currently opened folder in Windows Explorer
  • curently opened website in Internet Explorer
Once remembered, bookmarked application can be launched in one click from any window that has eXtra Buttons.

How it works

When you press the button Bookmarks in the caption of the window, a "Bookmarks" popup menu appeappear. This menu lists previously added bookmarks and also allows to create new bookmark.

To launch bookmarked application, just click on the corresponding menu item.

Click "Add bookmark" menu item and the application will be stored in Bookmarks list.

By default, the window caption is assigned as bookmark label. But you can rename it in eXtra Buttons Options dialog. For that open right click eXtra Buttons tray icon, click "Options", then navigate to Bookmarks settings page.

To add new Bookmarked item, click "Add file". An open file dialog will appear. Selected the application or document and it will be added to the bookmarks list.

To remove Bookmark, select the bookmark in the list and press "Remove".



For this button you may assign any valid keyboard and shift key (including <Alt> and <Ctrl>) combination for each of eXtra Buttons. Use of this combination will have the same result as pressing the eXtra Button.

Note!  Input of two identical combinations of keys for various buttons is impossible. To setup Hot-key already used, change it for that button that uses it.


Default transparency level

You can setup default transparency level using slider.

Click on the slider and drag it to left or right.