Frequently Asked Questions

  • Some application has custom specific design. Can I hide the eXtra Buttons from this application?

    Yes, you can add this application to the list of "Excluded applications" and eXtra Buttons will not integrate with it. Please check documentation article for details.
  • Can I bookmark my favorite folder?

    Yes, bookmarks feature works fine with folders and internet explorer addresses right in the same way as with standalone applications.
  • Can I remove eXtra Buttons from the window caption but still take all the advantages of eXtra Buttons features.

    Yes, you can remove all the eXtra Buttons displayed in window title bar, but show eXtra Buttons features in window system menu. Please see detailed information on managing buttons and window menu.
  • I have found a reference to the paid version of eXtra Buttons on some site.

    That's a very old version. Now eXtra Buttons are absolutely free and will stay free forever. But of course we'll appreciate if you help us to move the project forward.